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Date: 21 Jan 2013 16:00:28
Title: 14 12N 33 00W

Monday 21st Jan
We are always saying what day is it we do lose track of time.
Slow but sure, we clocked up 112 nms yesterday The wind was very fickle. There were couple of squalls last night but they only lasted a few minutes.
While Karen and Ern were in the cockpit they had a visitor a dark coloured bird joined them for a rest, it made a mess when it regurgitated its food on the floor, after a few minutes rest it decided to go but Ern had to raise it out of the cockpit so it wouldn't get hurt.
This morning an egret landed on the boom obviously needed a rest too, when it left us it tried several times to land on the solar panels without success.
At the moment Big Red is flying, it gives a much better ride than just the headsail.
Fish for dinner tonight, the one that was caught yesterday, we would have eaten it last night but the chicken dinner was ready.
 Nitty gritty at 16.54
14 12N 33 00W
COG 270M
Swell 2 - 3 metres NNE
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