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Date: 20 Jan 2013 17:39:16
Title: 01700 Sunday 20th January 14 34N 31 00W

Oh boy its a long haul

Barbados bound, although we are knocking off the miles we are about 1/6th of the way, its still a long way to go yet. We are having a very bumpy ride with this swell which is on our stern since we turned a little.
There are lots of flying fish about, one must have hit the Vane for Vera (Hydravane) and left bits behind and 3 very small tiddlers were found on the deck. 
As its Sunday roast chicken and vegetables for dinner later. 
So far the boys hadn't caught any fish, although today both lines went noisy, wow so much excitement both of them on the stern reeling in, it turned out both lines wrapped around each other.
As I write this the line screamed and now we have what Don calls a dorada about 18 " long weighing 2 or 3 kilos, yellow and black but its not like the ones they call dorada in Spain. The photo will have to wait until we have internet.
Our speed is very changeable 4.5 to 7.5 as is the wind 13 to 27 knots now but earlier we were flying and reached 9 knots.
The weather is cloudy and we are told it will be clearing from 35W by our weatherman John (thanks John but please send us a flatter sea)
However the forecasts so far say the winds are 15 / 20 we have 17 -30 at times.
Not too much to say really except we are all ok.
BFN Agua Therapy
17 30 utc
nitty gritty
Sog 5.7 knots
COG 265
just after 17.30 Busy sorting out the catch.

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