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Date: 11 Feb 2013 17:00:58
Title: Position 18:17.3N 61:43W

Monday 11 Feb 2013 Day 23
Log 5464
Noon to noon 112nm
GPS to go 164nm

Hi all,

A quiet ish night with many squalls and some rain shared between us. Day bright and sunny but NE winds now F5-6 and expected t increase overnight for our final run in.

We had planned a quick stop in St Martins for beer but would have arrived at night and this is less than wise in these waters due to chart errors, so decided to carry on and try to get to Tortola before customs close on Tuesday (1630 local).

Near impossible to work on boat now she is bouncing all over yet again and blog will be short.

Having exhausted on watch games such as "I spy" we resorted to "what shapes can you see in the clouds". Clearly we need some shore time!!!

Adrian has packed away his fishing gear for good as it was causing some drag!

WE now hear French voices on the VHF, presumably from St Martins. Many more aircraft at night noted so we think we may be getting closer to civilisation. No vessels sighted, no dolphins etc but lots of flying fish around the boat, non onboard.

Thanks to Jan and Heather for the England rugby result and other messages. It seems it is now snowing in Spain!

The penultimate blog may appear tomorrow. Thanks for reading everyone.
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