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Date: 09 Feb 2013 22:19:26
Title: Position 18:23N 57:52W

Sat 9th Feb
Log 5260
Noon to noon 126nm
GPS to go 383nm

Hi all,

Sorry blog is late. As we move west, the day slowly moves later hence the sun rises after 1000 and sets about now, 2200. In turn blogs are getting later for readers back in UK and an hour later still for Jan.

Thanks Jan for the rubgy results and well done Scotland and Wales today. No tears for France however!

Today was disaster day for Andy as his borrowed (from Jan) flameproof lighter made a successful escape bid, only to find he could not swim and was not wearing lifejacket. A memorial service has been held in his honour as he has worked 100% perfectly since being released from jail in Jan'r purse, where he never worked.

Thankfully only a few days to go and a spare has been located.

Little to report aboard. Last night's highlights were the 3 rain showers at 6 hour intervals carefully timed to coincide with Adrian's watch each one. The wind finally fell away this morning and we relented and added 90 l fuel to the tank although it had still not run dry. As a result we have had to motor sail all day and the night looks more of the same.

Otherwise a pleaseant day but we are all now clock watching the miles countdown and looking forward to a bed that does not try to eject you every few minutes.

Just been advised that spot and blog are not received yet so will resend spot right now. Thanks Jan and Heather for this.

Peter's arrival in BVI is delayed due to heavy snow in New York so I guess there are some unusual weather systems around the northern Atlantic zones at the moment. Hope they settle soon.
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