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Date: 07 Feb 2013 19:46:32
Title: Position 17:39N 53:24W

Thursday 7th Feb
Log 4997
Noon run 120
GPS 640nm

Hi all,

Ade caught another fish yesterday and this morning caught his first tuna, which he and Mike will enjoy steaks from as supper later today.

We saw 3 ships during the night, indicating we are a little closer to civilisation. Winds are broadly easterly but variable in strength from 10 to 30 knots. To avoid overpressing this boat we careful with the amount of canvas set as the winds change strength very rapidly. She hates downwind sailing so we have to continue to gybe down the course and hence cover extra sea miles each day. Motion remains unfriendly, especially to blog writers at the chart table.

Changed to starboard water tank yesterday. Gas has not yet expired and we have 1 left full so should make it OK in that respect.
Fuel is amazing as we have now used 121 hrs on a tank claimed to hold only 136 litres. I have decied to let it run out just to see just how far it will go. We still have our 90 litre in containers available.

Lots of drinking water left and the over purchases by an over enthusisatic crew, of excess flour, suger, loo rolls, potatoes and others may be used to barter with locals at the destination for trinkets or beer!

Thanks to Jan and Heather for advising spot is working again. For Heather - 21st heathrow 1200 UT arrival.

No gremlin sighted and he appears to be hiding low over the last few days and was possibly responsible for the spot failure. The prosecution is building quite a case for ceremonial hanging on arrival or as we pass Jack Sparrow's secret island.

The Rising Sun has been challenged by Mike to ID the ugly black tubes as caught by Ade and a photo is duly attached. Just check out the 3 big teeth in the upper jaw.

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