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Date: 06 Feb 2013 13:47:00
Title: Position 18.00N 050:49.6W

Wed 6th Feb 2013
Log 4845
Noon to noon 128nm
GPS to go 785

Typing difficulty factor 8/10 and its only blowing F6!

Ade caught another black ugly monster just as the sunset yesterday so he is now banned from fishing at this time becasue Mike and I think these are scary fish. Thanks for helpful tips received from Tony and Peter.

1 flying fish on side deck this morning. Have now opened side portlight above Mike's bed in the hope one jumps into his sleeping bag this evening!

More seriously, we think the SPOT reports may not have been received by anyone since last Friday 1st. Would be grateful for return info from Jan, Iain, Heather, Peter and Tony on this so we know where we stand! If noone got any, we are grateful for your non panic and this must mean the blogs are getting through to allay any concerns. I think we have tracked the problem doen to Ade's haste to reach his sleeping bag as soon as he sends them. To be fair, the message sent light has been coming on but to fair to the makers, when you actually read the instructions, it does say wait 20 mins before swithcing off or you may cancel sent messgaes by mistake and I think this is the problem. Hence a new one sent by me around 1330 UT should arrive with all nominated recipients! I hope so.

All well but the strain on 3 pairs of knees with a collective 180= years on them is starting to show, especially given the lack of medicinal gin onboard.

Cold and windy in Cornwall, cold and howling gales in Spain. Sorry ladies, we all hope it improves for you very soon.

I have to say sorry again as despite my best intentions, I managed to miss my neice's birthday! so Claire Petty, Many Happy late Returns for Sunday 3rd last and we all hope you had a great day. Also to your Mum, so I do not forget in advance, Barbara Petty, Happy 21st again for Friday 8th and may it be a good one.

Signing off
The Mariposa Blanca delivery team

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