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Date: 03 Feb 2013 19:44:36
Title: Position 16:44.4N 045:16.8W

Log 4523
noon to noon (indescribably bad!) 75nm
GS to go 1109 nm

Evening all!

As expected, poor progress due to zero wind for the last 24 hrs. Mr GRIB was correct which is quite annoying. So it has been another slow day under tickle power but with growing amounts of what I beleive is sargasso weed on the surface. We sighted one ship at 12 nm, heading in the opposite direction this afternoon.

We have received messages regarding Adrian's fish catch of the previous evening and still are uncertain of the actual model of fish but as the team remian aive, we can safely assume it was an edible variety. What is news is that the Rising Sun in Gunnislake suggests either tuna or bonito and the boat owner suggests Maui Maui. Also, as the line was recats tjhat evening, even as the blog was flying through the ether, a second identical fish was caught but it actualy escaped just 10m from the bathing platform. Not to be put off, Adrian set his line again yesterday evening and retired to bed and soon afterwards, another fish was on the line. ADrian wa scalled from his slumber to reel it in and it turned out to be another similar fish. It was landed successfully on the bathing platform but none were in the mood and just as we decieed to let it go, it flintched and through back the hook, catching Mike's polo shirt by the neck and then jumped back into the sea. Much hilarity as Mike shouted help its got me before he realised the hook was only inot his shirt collar!

Its now coming on eveining time, when it is now felt the fish may bite and the line is recast. The team have enjoyed a lazy day of pleaseant sunshine, a couple of deep water swims and an odd beer. The skipper is slaving away as normal, looking after is crew and bowing to their every whim. He has the blog to do and then will be chained to the galley for a further round of Itliano cuisine (ie same as last sunday).

It now gets dark at around 2100 UT and no sunrise until 0930 UT. We eat when hungry rather than by the clock.

GRIB file have promised us some wind, starting overnight and by dawn to become 12 to 20 knots of easterlies. With these we hope to speed towards our destination, where good friend Tony has made many promises of hospitality and pain killers. We may need them by then as alochol levels onbaord are diminishing rapidly, along with the gas. What remains in abundance is good cheer and fine humour.

Very many thanks to Heather, Jan and Kyrah for rugby results as forwarded by sms. Delighted here to learn how Italy have humbled the French.

Nice to hear from brother Iain by sms also - cheers.

The boat is working fine and we spent some time servicing the headsial furling system today as it was becoming sticky. It seems fine now aafter the headsail was lowered and Andy gave it a good talking to.

Stll on original fuel tank load but this must be running low by now. We have adequate reserves in cans for when the needs must.

Best regards from us all,

The Mariposa Blanca delivery team

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