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Date: 28 Jan 2013 20:08:25
Title: Position 19:34.1N 035:2.3W

Hi all,

Log 3910
Noon to Noon 139nm best yet
GPS to go 1652nm

A great night's sailing was had with reduced sail, some showers and heavy gusts with sudden increased wind speeds to 38 knots, the first of these being 2 mins after finishing the skipper's cooking (which was found to be wholly acceptable to the team)! Some we got wet but had boat speeds of up to 8 knots at times and always in the preferred direction!

The day brought yet another grey dawn but it soon turned to sun and today we declare the butter must be melting as shorts appeared for hte middle section of the day and we have seen numerous flying fish around us. Andy had a dolphin visit by moonlight about 0300.

No fish caught. Advice is trickling in. Adrian has lost yet another lure!! Kyrah will smile at this.

Mr Gremlin has been at his tricks during the night but still cannot be located. This time he got into Adrian's laptop and froze it up. The day before he got into Mikes camera and prevented the SD card from being read but we have cunningly got around this one and attached is the team photo taken shortly before departure from Torrevieja on New Years Day. Its not flattering but then again, we were well hung over. The crew are in real trouble now for not telling the skipper before, how utterly stupid his hat looks!! Said hat has been sacrificed to the god of the sea today.

I have been summoned to cockpit sundowners by the club President and chief steward, Mike, who has just prepared a welcome G&T. Sunset is at 2030 tonight here.

1 hour later: Oh dear what good morale exists on this boat! Pity Mike's G&T consists of gin with a mere sniff of the tonic.

The guide book for the BVI has been studied today and dismay of dismay: it says there is no smoking in public places, including the beach and there are so many restrictions on personal freedoms that we have decided to go elsewhere where Adrian says anything goes in Antigua!

Kidney beans have been opened for the chilli tonight and some sense is restored to our team.

The suns sets and the bllog is late today but tomorrow will be more.

Sleep tight everyone
The Mariposa Blanca delivery team

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