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Date: 22 Jan 2013 17:11:04
Title: Tuesday 22nd. Position 26:01.3N 23:28.9W

Hi all,

Log 3094
Noon to noon 131nm
GPS distance to BVI 2320nm

Super overnight sailing in F4/5 steady winds from ENE. Good progress made but not enough southing in our track.
Winds increased from 0900 as promised by GRIB and strengthened steadily through the morning to become the present ENE 6/7 with gusts so far to 38 knots. With this came rain, lots of heavy rain in shower bursts and these have remained all day with us. The rain has been fairly equally shared amongst us. Visibility in the rain was down to 1/4 mile or so but fortunately there is no much else out here to be bothered about not seeing. Seas now building and we are back inside the washing machine, debating how to sleep at all during the next 2 or 3 days this is due to last.

Around 1200 we gybed and are heading about 215 degrees, which is better than the 260 we had prior. Sails are reduced to a tiny main so as not to blanket the headsail when sailing more downwind. Headsail is about 1/3 reefed and we are making around 6.5 knots average. We could go faster with more sail but are being conservative as everything has a long way to go yet so its etter to be kind to the gear.

Spirits are high despite the bouncing around and Adrian has even threatened to generate a blog one day soon! Mike has offered to dictate one so has been declined!

Mike would like to seriously thank Mark cous. for checking out RIFIKI on the Tamar river and Andy says he will buy you lots of beer when he sees you next.

I realised I have missed my neice's birthday, so Sarah, if you see this, sorry for it being late but Happy Birthday for the 15th January!. Hope the snow in the US east coast is not too bad. Iain maybe you can pass on if necessary.

Thanks to Jan for updates by sms and glad the power was finally restored after a long time and I hope you have access to the blog again.
Thanks also to Heather for the ice update and maybe not getting to work was a bonus today? Also thanks Heather for your collective email to the boat. I took a photo of Adrian in the rain today but uploading it in this conditions is slightly beyond the stamina of my stomach - it will come later but typing at the chart table is about second best to having your nose under the engine sorting out a diesel spill, in bouncy weather.

Thanks to Ben Creanor for sending an email. Unfortunately I left the Ferrari challenge at home this time so you will be getting as good as your Grandpa soon! Thanks also Vicky for email update.

Time to sign off. Adrian has promised a chicken concoction tonight, still not sure if it will be curry or an Adrian version of pasta carbonara with chicken! Never a dull moment here.

Hoping everyone has some nicer weather soon and regetting we cannot post you nay warmth from here because we have very little either (surprisingly) - the butter is some way from melting.

The Mariposa Blanca delivery team

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