logo Mariposa Blanca Move
Date: 19 Jan 2013 09:02:55
Title: Position 28:00N 016:39.6W

Log 2890
At Las Galletas, Tenerife.

Hi all,

I have been reminded of my failure to update the blog since arrival here last Wednesday am. Sorry all.

Its been busy here, with a number of boat items to organise and some work on other boats for Andy. I think it will be nice to get to sea for a rest!

Many thanks to Janet & Andy at Go Club Yachting for the help provided to us and use of support facilities, in particular the loan of the car to visit the supermarkets a few miles away. Getting Mercadona to deliver 250 litres of drinking water before 1000 yesterday, right to the boat on the pontoon proved interesting but successful, so it seems Andy's Spanish is starting to improve.

Clive brought a bag of hanks from UK yesterday afternoon and the team spent a happy couple of hours cursing on the pontoons fitting them but they succeeded and tried the sail plus tightened the secondary forestay. Well done guys.

Here is us trying the cruising shute as I found the emans to transfer photos to the laptop. Plan to send this blog via wifi in the local breakfast cafe before we sail later this morning. Then it is non stop to Tortola - we feel ready for it.

During the course of yesterday, a new crew member appeared. As some crew have well travelled mascots, veterans indeed of Fastnet races, Ostars, numerous Biscay crossings, round Britain races and much more, it seemed only fair that Adrian should have a mascot so one was sourced and procurred and invited to meet his fellow team. Their little meeting was captured on film (the as yet un-named mascot is the orange one) and we decided to share this news on the blog. No doubt he will need his Stugeron before we leave today.

The Mariposa Blanca delivery team

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