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Date: 10 Jan 2013 13:50:37
Title: Position 35:56N 005:26W

Good afternoon all,

Log 1933
To Las Galletas - about 740nm
Wind light westerly

Time onboard changed as we departed to UT (GMT).

Well we finally left Gibraltar today after a final supper ashore last night and a good sleep. All jobs onbaord completed so hopefully the forestay will not sag so much and Mike will not get wet whilst asleep!

For Tony- blimey Gib has changed a lot since 1985!!!! I think much of it during the last 10 years since my own previous visit. Still plenty of electronic shops on the high street but prices seemed higher than UK, although tobacco and alcohol remains cheaper and diesel was 97p/ litre.

Plenty of good use from the AIS and new radar aboard the boat as we left the bay and headed nearly south, aiming to cross the shipping separation zones on the Med side and follow the Moroocan coastline. The tides are foul anyway unless we waited a few more hours before leaving and we wanted to get clear of the Straits before darkness and to see the secenery. Now we are plugging along under power with only a light westerly breeze but a couple of miles off the Morrocan coast which appears very green. No camels in sight yet.

The wind forecast was light breeze from the North but it may chnage once we leave the Straits, in about another 20 miles. Then we will head SW towards the Canaries. Grib files indicate some fairly strong winds from Sunday and for several days along the African coastal zone, so we plan to head well offshore and to the west of the rhum line, where hopefully we will see 20 rather than 40 knots of wind early next week.

Thanks to Vicky for the sms and well done with your nursing exam results. Also thanks to Jan for regular sms updates and news about how naughty "my cat" is being while I am away! I hope it warms up for you in Murcia soon.

Mike has promised pork chops and fresh green beans, followed by apple crumble and custard this evening- yum!

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