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Date: 07 Jan 2013 15:59:49
Title: Position 36:08.04N 005:21.33W

Hi all,

Regret no blog yesterday. This is because we were approaching Gibraltar in near 30 knots of wind late pm and by the time we found a berth at Queensway Quay, etc etc, it seemed quite late.

Today Andy has been surveying the Sunseeker 64 with more work on this Tuesday. The boys have been checking out the beer, althoguh we all enjoyed a good supper ashore but very few people around on a Sunday evening.

Today they have also been boat working and found the window leak which wet Mike and his bed twice recently as green seas came on deck. We will fix this tomorrow. Always plenty to do on a small boat of course. Mind you they have escaped to the bar this afternoon and left me in peace to catch up on a few email and paperwork points.

No blog planned for Tuesday due to survey work. We hope to sail Wed am, west through the straits of Gibraltar and then direct about 750 nm to the south end of Tenerife, Las galletas. The weather forecast looks fair so we could be lucky.

It is amazingly warm here today, near T shoirt weather in the middle of the day but Gib keeps European time so it got light after 0800 and stays light until about 1900. As soon as we sail, we will revert to UT(GMT).

Thanks to Kyrah and Jan for sms via Iridium and also Tony for sending destination info. Looks finally like soon we will be heading for the Caribbean!

Best regards

The Mariposa Blanca delivery team

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