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Date: 31 Dec 2013 09:42:00

morale has been high since the boat was scrubbed properly and we near the halfway point in terms of distance. Hopefully the second half will be slightly shorter in terms of days due to the slow start,

Now ill just ramble for a bit.
Talking to myself has reached a new peak. I really enjoying getting to know myself better! and for the past few nights I have been convinced that i am somehow rowing the boat through evergreen trees on either side going down hills in a sort of alpine snowy setting. What is that about?! it has been so dark and overcast at points in the nights that i think the mind starts making stuff up on its own accord.
On my final night shift from 5-7 i have not been able to shut my brain up. its very bizarre, ill narrate nonsense to myself in the same style as the audiobook i have been listening to, for example. ‘marco spiro stiffened his back suddenly from his hunched stupour , as mr luddledoorfs attention also turned to the window. his eyes narrowed and he thrust a crooked finger at the incumbent with a sense of clairvoyance that would only have deceived the.....’
it got so annoying i had to listen to music last night!.
The sleeping arrangement thing is entirely surreal. I have been having dreams about being on a rowing boat ( a couple of nasty disastrous ones) which I never once had on land, and sometimes I cant tell if i’m awake or asleep whilst rowing.
I dont really feel that we are that far away from land as we actually are. I imagine that we are simply on a huge conveyer belt made of water, at night it really does feel like the boat is stationary and the sea is just moving beneath you, the moon gives the water a metallic appearance
we have had a really close encounter with a huge Container ship which appeared out of nowhere to our port side and was less than 100 meters from us when it hurtled past. The pilot must have seen us on the AIS radar and diverted his course. those boats travel frighteningly fast, smashing though all the swell while we are bobbing around all over the shop. How did it get so close to us in such a huge ocean?, there were a few seconds of panic when we first saw it as it looked to be about to mow us down.
whe clouds can give way to the most breath-taking dawns however. Dawn is my favourite time of the day and out here they can be nothing short of spectacular. the way the colours and lights smashes through the clouds into deep crimson from purples, pinks yellow fill me with awe every time I see it, especially when the moon and stars are still lingering in the sky. I imaging all the people at sea or on the coast, perhaps fishing in the early hours who are pausing like me to take it in,
Its a very interesting experience to watch the sun set and dawn rise every day, It always is something to look forward too. Each day brings new possibilities to everybody, and the dawn seems to always remind me of this. for me these possibilities are slightly truncated; will it be porridge or oats for breakfast... how interesting.
the routine has become natural, and much easier. however i still say 'oh hell no’ to myself when the 5 minute call comes, especially at night. then the first few minutes are extremely uncomfortable on the hands as the swollen joints are squeezed up against the oars. I have to crack my knuckles routinely to get the pressure and stiff ness out of them.
I have acquired a new best friend out here, steve the sea kestrel. he or she is a small brown bird; i’m not actually sure if it is a sea kestrel.. I dont know where he goes during the day, or what his purpose is out here whatsoever, but he gives me joy every dusk and dawn when he comes and circles the boat. Maybe he is headed to Antigua as well in search of the good times.
we are almost half way now at time has been flying. we are trying really hard to keep the speed up for you guys! thank you so so much for the letters and messages, the best parts of my days are reading them, and reminding myself there are in fact more than 2 people left on the planet!
lukas B

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