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Date: 02 Sep 2010 18:59:14
Title: 42.07.21 8.5055 W Day 15 & 16

Wed Sept 1 & Thurs Sept 2
OK, so we missed a blog.  You do that when having fun!  We spent Tuesday night in La Coruna enjoying the warm weather and cafe culture. I won't embarass Skipper with tales of his attempts to work the marina washing machine.  Jenny, my pants were always blue weren't they? On wednesday morning we left about 0800hrs but turned back rather than continue in thunder and lightning.  We left again about 2pm and motor sailed overnight passing Cap Finnistere and anchoring in a superb little bay just before dawn which Simon had found.  My navigation was severely tested during the night when faced with an uncharted and heavily lit island which appeared and was confirmed on radar.  Pilot books hurriedly referred to revealed that vast fish farms are set up several miles offshore.. A swim ashore and a walk along the beach to the other side of the Islas Cies, a lovely isalnd and bird sanctuary with a very chilled camp site, reminded us we had legs. In the afternoon we sailed into Bayona.  We plan to leave early in the morning and sail to Cascais by Lisbon, a 36 - 40 hour trip.

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